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Gilet de course RACESAFE Level 2 Gilet de course RACESAFE Level 2
Élastique de manche
casquette Paul Carberry
Broche étrier.
Toque TKO en lycra. Toque TKO en lycra.
Lunettes de course TKO  US. Lunettes de course TKO  US.
Gilet RACESAFE LEVEL 2 homologué nouvelle norme OBLIGATOIRE a partir du 1er mars 2019
Broche avec étrier.

Leggings de course légers de la marque PERSHING

Toque en tissus élastique.
Sous-pull TKO en coton manche longue.

Here you can find all the equipment for horseback riders:


On iJockey, we offer a wide range of products for horse enthusiasts. We propose a variety of products for riders with a high quality in order to always satisfy our customers. We sell many items for horse riders, which will accompany you on your rides and competitions for many years. 


We have been selecting quality partners for 10 years in order to offer the best equipment for horseback riding, whether you are a beginner or a professional rider. You will find riding boots and boots of many brands. For racing boots, you can choose between different brands such as Cheltenham Tuffa, Grazioli, Malton or Elegance Boots.


There are also accessories for riders such as racing leggings, leggings from Ornella Prosperi, or Back and Track ankle boots. We also sell belts from the brand C4, which or beautiful belts with profits redistributed to associations. Many brands of riding gloves such as Macwet, TdeT, TKO or DESCENTE.


In addition, you can buy on our site equestrian safety vests with different levels of protection, in order to promote safe riding for you or your children. The protective waistcoats we had on our site guarantee safety levels 1, 2 or 3. This ensures a good ride without any major injuries! The wearing of a horse riding helmet or a riding bomb is essential, and we have horse riding helmets and riding bombs from GPA, Samshield and KEP Italia for sale, and we can even create a custom-made model.      


Finally, riding clothes are also on sale, different types of trousers such as Wranglers, waterproof trousers, but also buckskin breeches for training or for competition. For the upper body, iJockey and TKO training and racing underpants are available on our website. In case of bad weather, you can also find mackintoshes or jackets on our website, so that your sport is always as pleasant as possible. 

All the items that are for sale on the iJockey website have already satisfied thousands of customers around the world, so all you have to do is find the product that's right for you!