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Etrivières d' entraînement cuir
Selle Stride Free 300-400 grammes Selle Stride Free 300-400 grammes
Selle d'entraînement STRIDE FREE Selle d'entraînement STRIDE FREE
Sangle entrainement Zilco Sangle entrainement Zilco
Sangle + sur-sangle Japonaise
Rondelle de mors à picots.
Sangle de course obstacle ZILCO. Sangle de course obstacle ZILCO.
Etrivière de course ZILCO Etrivière de course ZILCO

Selle de course MANDARINO modèle VULCANO.

Poid: 450gr.

Etrivières d'entraînement en cuir IJOCKEY
Selles de course de la marque PERSUADER 97 à 137 grammes.



Selle d'entraînement en cuir STRIDE FREE


Sangle protection anti-dérapante Neoprene
Sangle et sur-sangle de course élastique made in Japan

Selle de course fabrication Japonaise 200 grammes

Arçon carbone renforcé

Elégante et distinguée 

Rondelle de mors à piquots.
Sangles de course d'obstacle légère ZILCO. Poids: 280gr
Etrivière de course verni.

The best place to buy equipment for your horse:


On iJockey you have the guarantee of having the equipment and saddlery perfectly adapted to your horse riding practice. 


For more than 10 years, we have been specialised in the sale of racing saddles as well as everything that revolves around equipment and protection for riders or horses. For the well-being of your horses and to guarantee safety and comfort in your riding, we always select reliable and quality brands. The main categories of products we offer to equip your horses are racing saddles, bridles, training saddles, blankets, as well as a wide range of accessories. 


It is very easy to find what you are looking for on our website, just take a look at our numerous references of horse saddles. For our racing saddles, there are saddles of different brands for sale, such as Mandarino saddles, Persuader saddles, Utsumi saddles and Stride-Free saddles. The training saddles are excellent quality too, with brands such as Stride-Free or also Pegase, a french brand of saddlery for horses. 


As an equestrian professional, iJockey sells all the bridles needed to ensure good practice of horseback riding. For example, Zilco or ReinRite martingales, horse hunting collars, a wide range of bits of all types, leather or nylon halters, and lycra or cotton blinders. The protections sold on the site are designed to protect your horse from anything that could injure it during a ride or a competition. Also, there are a lot of gaiters, bandages and bells of different brands for your horse. 


To prevent your horse from getting cold, it may be worth it to offer him a Hercules stall blanket for the cold winter nights by the dedicated section. If you are in a country who is known for bad weather, then turn to our waterproof horse blankets or our Celtic Equine waterproof breeching covers

You can also rely on our expertise, as iJockey produces a wide range of leather horse equipment, including lanyards, bridles, reins, stirrup leathers and foal collars.