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Démêlant crinière & queue
Graisse cuir Sapo
Brosse chiendent
Goudron de Norvège
Bouchon poils longs Bouchon poils longs
Savon glycériné spray .
Cure pied brosse
Peigne manche bois
Brosse douce
Cresyl désinfectant
Démêlant en spray pour crinière et queue
Brosse chiendent grand modèle
Peigne a crinière manche en bois
Brosse douce manche bois

For your stable, trust iJockey:


To give your horses the best possible care, there is nothing like the products sold on iJockey. Buying our grooming and care products as well as our stable equipment is the guarantee of a happy horse. Once you have returned to your stable, use our products and you will enjoy our products made for the well-being of your horse


On this part of the website, you can find horse care products for every situation. We offer a wide range of products for the treatment of wounds, skin, legs and feet of your horse. You should not take your horse's infections lightly, which is why we offer anti crack creams, products to heal lesions and mud fever at the best price on our site. As for our soothing creams and sun creams, they are a perfect way to reduce stress and skin diseases of your horse. 


Also, you can buy all the products related to grooming on our site, such as brushes, scissors, combs and hoof picks. Good grooming helps to reduce signs of discomfort, so you need the right equipment to keep your horse relaxed because a lot of horses (more than 50%) are not comfortable with grooming.  


To help preserve your animal, nutritional supplements for horses have become essential. This is why on our site you will find different varieties of feed and feed supplements adapted to your horse's age, health problems like skeletal repair, digestion or your objective that could be a preparation for races, training, etc…


Finally, in this category, we also put feeders for your horses, which you can place directly in their stalls or stables. Highly resistant flat-rimmed buckets, pears for horses to hydrate your horse before your race or hay bags in which you just have to put your companion's fodder. 

All the products available on the site iJockey are products of quality and you will keep them for years.